Australian Design Innovation from Clipsal and we love it!

DJ electricians clipsal light switch

Picture this….you’re sitting around a table discussing newsletter ideas with your marketing person and she poses this scenario…..”Have you ever come home, a bit later than expected – it was a great party, you danced, you had some laughs and the drinks were flowing – who could say no. You’re in the door but you can’t find the light switches that lead you to the bedroom. When you do, you […]

Spring Forward Fall Back

DJ electricians sparky

I’d better remind you now that the clocks go back an hour tonight because for Daylight Saving is ending. 2am Sunday morning to be exact, just in case you’re still out clubbing, don’t ask me what that will do to the lockout laws but I’m sure you can confuse the bouncers and get in.. Thank God I’ve given all that up. I know that most of your clocks will do […]

How do I install a USB Power Point Wall Charger?

USB Power Point

It’s only a matter of time before hotels and cafés everywhere install USB power points for ease of customer use. A USB power point looks like a regular power outlet with the addition of USB charging points next to the power socket. The new USB power point plate fits easily into existing power point plates, making it cheap for an electrician to install. Once in, any device, regardless of brand, […]

Smart Meter Saving Ideas

smart meter

With energy companies hiking up rates and your air conditioner running a lot this summer, you might be feeling the sting when the power bill comes in. While the cost from provider to provider doesn’t change too much, there are still some steps you can take to reduce your energy use and get your bill down. Not only will you be saving money, you’ll be helping the environment as well. Australia has […]

LED Lighting Conversion Tips & Tricks

Electrician installing LED lights

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It is installed into a bulb or reflector to be used in lighting fixtures as a highly effective replacement to standard light bulbs or fluorescent light tubes. The entire unit is known as an LED lamp. Why make the change to LEDs? LED lamps are considerably more energy efficient than light bulbs, as much as 80% more efficient. That makes them cheaper to run, […]

Joan Crawford says “No Wire Coat Hangers”, but I Disagree


The 1940s movie star Joan Crawford was infamous for abusing her poor adopted daughter for hanging expensive dresses on wire coat hangers. In the remake of her life story she’d cry out “no wire hangers… ever.” Well Joan, I’m going to challenge you on that, especially when you’re electricians doing downlights in a ceiling with no crawl access from above, a wire coat hanger is an electrician’s best friend, for […]

A basic guide to Christmas Lights Do’s and Don’ts


By DJE electrician Luke Starr (yes that is my real surname) I believe my brother may have Griswald Syndrome. Every year around October he begins talking about Christmas lights and positioning them around the house. Numerous plastic tubs with various LED lights are removed from storage and the process of safety checking begins. What started out as a hobby three years ago has become a serious ‘affliction’. Last year saw […]

Farewell Daylight Savings

MacBook Promo

    G’day everyone…I’m sure by now you have all put your clocks back one hour, let’s face it thankfully the most important ones like the smart phones are done automatically, but don’t forget the DVD player, the microwave, the oven, the car…..and any timeclocks around the place…etc..This task always reminds me of the old saying when Joh Bjelke-Petersen was the Premier of Queensland (a State which still doesn’t participate in day […]

Fair Day Apple Watch Winner Announced….


Well our Fair Day Promotion was good fun and an eye opener as well, I was surprised at the amount of die-hard Android loyalists that didn’t want to know about a free Apple Watch! We’re pleased to announce that the winner of the 5pm barrel draw was Nimrod Weiner a local Chiropractor and already a client of David Jones Electricians. For those of you Apple fans who missed out this time, read […]

Back from Volunteer Electrical Work in Thailand

Kids at Orphanage

What an amazing experience Thailand was. Josh my electrician and I flew into Bangkok at 2am Sunday morning then left for Kanchanaburi the next day at noon. The orphanage tuk tuk bus picked us up at 7am to go start work. There were 35 of us this year. We met the kids, then they left for school in the same tuk tuk. We did a walk around and looked at […]

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